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WITOPLAST /pronounced vitoplast/ is an enterprise specializing in the manufacture of packagings made of synthetic materials. First and foremost, we produce polythene tubes and laminate tubes as well as bottles. We also make lids for all these products.
We decorate the vast majority of packagings ordered by our customers. To make decorations, we use our great possibilities often applying sophisticated printing techniques and advanced methods of decorating.
Packagings made by WITOPLAST are mainly used in cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries.
We own the most advanced machines and innovative technologies which enable us to produce high quality packagings. All processes in the WITOPLAST company are in compliance with binding laws both in Poland and in the world, the documentation of which, among others, are our proper certificates. The manufacturing process is even faster, more flexible and infallible owing to our own tool and preparation rooms, where we also render services for our customers' orders.
The company's owners, management and employees do their best to ensure our customers with modern and unique packagings according to their wishes.

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We focus on dynamic growth. See a short film that will introduce you to the world of our products and services.

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